Tuesday, 4 December 2012

For The Love of Coffee – It Keeps Me Alive In World

A man went to the doctor and said, ‘The moment I take my first sip of coffee, a severe pain catches my right eye. It’s always unbearable’. The doctor smiled and asked, ‘Have you ever tried drinking coffee with your spoon out of it first’? Coffee among nutritionist and doctors is both disparaged and appreciated. Some say, it’s a great drink that guarantees health and power while others call it a death drink. I have never heard anyone dying of coffee drinking, until it was poisoned.

You Too Are Coffee Drinker If You Do This:
Anyways, do you know common traits of coffee drinkers? If following habits aren’t yours’, you are not a coffee drinker.
    1- You are actively active and can’t stop unless there is an earthquake.
    2- You answer your door before the doorbell rings, only to find there is no one out there.
    3- It’s only when they are in your mouth, you realize you didn’t unwrap your candy.
    4- ‘Good to the last drop’, you answer this when being asked, ‘how are you, pal?’
    5- As an IT specialist, you have special reverence for Java language.
    6- You call your wife honey, sugar or cream.
    7- At doctor’s place, word capsules remind you your coffee capsules.
    8- And, at gas station, refill fuel tank reminds you refillable Nespresso capsules.
And Starbucks sounds six bucks to you and, Gloria Jeans as G-bangers and you hold them responsible for your miserable last week of every month. At least, my friends told me so.

Coffee is Always good, if bad, it’s Not Coffee at all:

A man, worried about his failing health, went to the doctor and told him how bad his health is getting. Doctor said, ‘I want you to drink hot water every morning for one month’. Man got surprised and said, ‘You gotta be kidding with me. I’ve been doing that for last 7 years and my wife calls it ‘coffee’.

This joke reminded me my earlier days of drinking coffee when I just could not make a good cup. Before coffee machines and my Nespresso capsules, making coffee was really quite difficult and most of the times we all had to drink hot water in the name of coffee. It often used to hurt me why I always have to go to any coffee shop whenever I feel like drinking good coffee.

Now that we have our coffee machines and coffee capsules with us every time, bad coffee has become a thing of past. A good coffee has have to be economical and not causing much money. These coffee capsules are economical because they can be refilled with any of favorite coffee.

Coffee Fun Facts:

There were no coffee machines and coffee capsules 17th and 18th centuries. There were not even any refillable Nespresso capsules like things, so coffee drinkers had plenty of time to waste before they get their coffee. As a result, both American and French revolutions were planned in coffee shops. Until 1870’s, coffee was roasted in frying pans over a charcoal fire in homes. Finding charcoal has become rather difficult these days, so Starbucks does it in their stores.


  1. What a fun post! I love the story at the beginning. :-)

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  2. Coffee capsules are a brilliant idea especially the Nespresso ssytem