Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Coffee Addiction -- Ring My Bells, Ring My Bells

‘In mornings, my eyes see nothing and my mind behaves nuts until java runs through my veins. At noon, my thoughts start falling apart and even the smallest jobs start looking herculean, until coffee finds its feet in my brain chambers. At evenings, my heart starts sinking as sun sets in the farthest skies until aroma of coffee fly around me. At nights, looming shadow of fatigue haunts me until a cup of Joe rings my bells’. I feel I am addicted to coffee. Yes, I am addicted to its aroma, its taste, its warmth and its company. Like good friends in old age, my coffee brings me energy, power, strength, courage and belief in myself.

My Cup of Joe and My Love for it:
I often wonder what is there in a cup of coffee that keeps me coming back for more. Over the years, I have developed a bond with coffee which is entirely mystic and weird, healing and rejuvenating, bold and glamorous. People might call me a coffee addict, a coffee lover or even coffee maniac, but I am perfectly OK will all these terms. I cannot remind myself any day when I hadn’t have my coffee and I played all my drudgery smooth. It reflects my varying emotions, fluctuating energy levels, moving goals, fascinating ideals and everything that can keep me alive. A complete food even to the 6th sense!

Nespresso Capsules are my great companions. You know why? I always feel that time runs through my hands rather swiftly and my jobs find no slips to the end. At that time, I feel myself lurking for some instant power booster, making sure that it doesn’t hurt my health and body. Making coffee from ground beans involves mathematically tedious steps and when time is already critical to doing work, I cannot risk spoiling it any further. That is why, I use coffee capsules which allow me to have instant coffee without even compromising even a single trace in aroma, taste and energy. These coffee capsules come in many flavors, almost in all flavors.

High End Coffee:
Frankly speaking, there is nothing as bad as ugly smelling and bitter tasting coffee. When I say coffee, it means it must be fresh as daisy flowers, it must be tasteful as blood, it must be aromatic as divine perfumes and it must be hot as hell. I say so because I mean it.

Nespresso coffee is what I can blindly go after every time I feel like having coffee. But, there is a way even in madness. Stay assured, with nespresso capsules everything leads to a pleasant experience. Nespresso is a high end coffee. Geaorge Cloony puts it, ‘rich, sensual, unique and intense’. Have you ever seen what’s inside these Nespresso coffee capsules? Apparently, they all, mild, strong or decaf, look and smell same as espresso coffee. Well, in following couple of lines, let’s make instant-coffee way.

Get nespresso capsule or refillable nespresso coffee capsule , pour hot water and stir it until everything gets mixed properly. Before you take the sip, just spoon up some coffee and you will see it’s no way similar to fine instant coffee. Now let’s use aero press after pouring water and stirring coffee capsule. Press and press a little more. This is the real espresso! Tasteful as honey, dark as night and thick with creamae. Have it all until your bells are rung!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Coffee to Cups in a Tick Tuck

Patience bears sweet fruit but why to be so patient when you can have sweet coffee instantly. Yes, coffee capsules provide us an opportunity to make coffee within couple of minutes and that too without compromising the taste, aroma and freshness of coffee. So, it all goes only for one thing, ‘Coffee for anyone to everyone’.

Tricks of a Coffee Capsule:

Traditional coffee making methods are not only challenging but are also quite time-consuming. Measuring portions, managing flavors, blending additives and then waiting and waiting until coffee is brewed properly…. It’s tedious! Coffee capsules are the best choice when your taste is uncompromising and time is important. It’s just 25 seconds that you need to make a fully brewed and delicate cup of coffee with chocolate brown froth over it. This is it what we know as ‘Nespresso Capsules’, a modern access to centuries’ old taste and energy.
Had there been no coffee capsules, you would have to go through a scary process of coffee making which even could not promise you the taste that you are looking for. Beans’ grinding, water heating and downpour brewing are some of the scariest things when you are in the kitchen to make coffee and your guests are waiting for you outside in drawing room. This is the time when you wish there had been any genie making instantly servable instant coffee. Thanks to Coffee Capsules Compatible Nespresso , you can make it in just a tick tuck.

Coffee Capsules are costly?

Apparently all good things are too expensive to afford. Apparently, this holds true for coffee capsules as well. In fact, we all agree that buying a coffee capsule for making a single serving cup is rather too expensive. But what would be the decision if they are reusable again and again? Refillable Nespresso Capsules are a great help when money is also an issue. They can be refilled and thus you don’t need to buy your favorite flavors again and again. These capsules are made of thermoplastic polymer which is durable and recyclable. So, you need not throw them. You can wash your used coffee capsules and then add your favorite ground coffee in it. Make sure it’s not filled to mouth and cover it again gently making sure it’s neither too tight nor too loose. Now they are as good as new coffee capsules are. Use them in your coffee machines and make coffee until they are emptied again. You see, I told you it’s inexpensive. Didn’t I?

Coffee for anyone and everyone!

 How can you avoid coffee when your mind needs it and your pockets can afford it? Of course, coffee capsules have made life quite simple for coffee lovers. Premeasured roasting, blending, grinding allows us to enjoy peculiar tastes. Freshness in these capsules never dies as all content is air-tight and no oxidation can take place therein.It’s convenient to make coffee. There is only a single secret and that’s getting hot water go through ground coffee under nice pressure. It takes couple of minutes only and your espresso is true to its meaning. Besides, you aren’t hurting your environment by using coffee capsules. They are refillable and reusable. Fill them with any of the flavors that you like and use it for as many times as you want. Bingo!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Coffee Round Up—Top 3 Coffee Myths Being Debunked

There are a lot of controversies attached to coffee and some of them are quite savage and need to be exposed readily across all winds. Often people are heard saying that coffee sets growth process back or even drinking coffee can result in cancer and other diseases as well. Honestly speaking, there are almost no evidences either way to support these arguments. Considering the vital importance of coffee for health and mental strength, it’s time to do justice with these controversies that are somehow getting into facts. Coffee in all its forms, natural or processed in the form of coffee capsules is good in all terms.

Coffee Hinders Your Kids’ Growth?

‘My child could not grow because he was prone to drinking coffee from early age which resulted in weakening growth mechanism’. And, ‘if you want your kid to grow properly, I must suggest you to keep your kid from drinking coffee’. A typical old wives’ tale!

There are no links ever found between coffee consumption and child’s growth. Studies to know correlation between coffee and growth were conducted over subjects that had crossed over their physical growth period and have low levels of Calcium intakes in their diets. Lesser calcium leads to abnormal loss of bony tissues and mass. Recently youngsters were experimented with drinking coffee and it was found that there are no relations whatsoever between caffeine and physical growth. So for moms, add up Nespresso Coffee in your kids’ diet plan and let them have their fantasies grow higher.

Coffee is a curse to you?

Though it’s absurd argument, yet it’s most widely propagated argument about coffee. It’s devil’s drink, it’s injurious to health and causes mental absenteeism and all other fuss. The point to consider first is whether there are any evidences and if there are, what they are.

Coffee comes in many forms and in many types. There are refillable coffee capsules and coffee pods as well. In all these forms, coffee makes people smarter. Coffeeis food for brain and brings adrenaline and dopamine. Adrenaline puts us into dynamical state; a state where body becomes more mindful to surroundings. Likewise dopamine becomes vibrant agent in neural activities. Dopamine acts as brain receptor and thus along with adrenaline, dopamine responds rather efficiently to any external stimulus. It’s smartness and it is coffee that’s making half a world smarter each morning.

Coffee Causes Ulcer?

By Jove, coffee has nothing to do with the birth of ulcer. Though it irritates pre-existing ulcer and it’s advisable to avoid coffee while suffering from ulcer.

Studies have led to the discovery of bacteria called ‘helicobactor pylori’ and this is what causes ulcer. In order to avoid ulcer, any antibiotic can do the cure. As far as coffee is concerned, it comes with altogether a different story. Your coffee capsules are your ultimate energy boosters. To mention few, they help you keeping away from diabetes, heart diseases, gallstones and colon cancer. Doctors too are prescribing coffee to their patients believing in its magical effects on health.

Keep The Life of Your Coffee:

Coffee is best when its drunk in a go. Light, heat and moisture are dangerous to both, its vitality and its taste. Anyhow, an air tight container is a nice choice because it exposes your coffee to none of the elements mentioned above. Likewise, refillable coffee capsules too are good because they are filled with fresh content.

Monday, 8 October 2012

What’s Coffee good for?

‘Black as devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love’, what other expressions are needed to describe coffee. And if this is the coffee, I need coffee more. It’s exhilarating. It’s beatifying. It’s stimulating. It’s thrilling. ‘Pour some more coffee into my cup’.

Coffee is most commonly consumed drink in the world. Even before logging into their Facebook accounts, people prefer drinking their coffee so that their days bang fresh. People are found swearing at their coffee and saying they just cannot live without their coffee drinks. Coffee capsules and coffee pods have made their lives quite simpler because they just make their favorite coffee drinks in a go, without involving in complexities such as roasting, grinding, blending etc.

Bane or Boon:

In earlier years, when health studies were not conducted systematically, people gradually grew quite skeptical about coffee drinking habits. It rather appeared as an addiction which may result in health disorders. But modern research and studies offer quite revealing facts about coffee and encourage java lovers to drink

Be young and energetic:

People who fear aging should start building good terms with coffee. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants, as the name implies, are substances that can subvert damaging effects of biological process of oxidation. In simple words, antioxidants protect body cells from the effects of chemicals that result from smoking, pollution, metabolism and radiations etc.

When not cared, these radicals can lead to disturbed health issues as terrifying as premature aging. If coffee can keep you aging, what else you need to maintain stay young. Nutritionists now hold the briefcase full of benefits of drinking coffee and they don’t hesitate in suggesting coffee or coffee capsules anymore.

Coffee is instrumental in increasing energy levels of body. Our modern mechanical life has left us with no other choice but to work day and night. How often we shut our doors so that no one disturbs us. At quiet and grave place where tick tuck of wall clock may hang heavy on ears, we try to do our most critical office work, coffee is the only best partner. And this coffee cup will rejuvenate your all energy levels and you will be able to integrate your all wandering thoughts into a stream.

For diabetics, there is a great joy for them in coffee. Coffee has good amount of caffeine in it and this caffeine helps reducing body’s vulnerability to diabetes. But how does caffeine roots out diabetes is still not fully known.

Coffee and athleticism:

A sound body keeps sound mind. And coffee brings both in one umbrella. It doesn’t only help curbing mental dullness, it also brings in drums of energy that is vital for athleticism. If you are a sportsman and do stretching work out, you know what does it means to have energy stored in body. So, every time you leave for your gym, do have your nespresso comparable coffee capsules with you.

Certain amount of caffeine present in coffee monitors the whole body signals and if any signs of fatigue or dullness are found, it does away with them. Thus body remains active and agile and ultimately stamina for doing physical exercise increases substantially. Interestingly, coffee performed better than all of other marketed products which claim to increase workout stamina. Have you known about coffee capsules compatible nespresso?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Coffee from the Pages of History

A morning without coffee is like a sleep. So, where does this coffee come from?

It takes me back to 13th century when a farmer used to have his herd grazing on Ethiopian mountains. When moved to certain patch of the mountain, Kladi; the farmer found his herd rather active than earlier. His goats jumped and danced and they didn’t sleep at nights. Kladi found that there were some berries behind all this enigmatic energy feast of the cattle and he too chewed on them.

Today known as raw coffee beans, these berries were brought to the nearby monastery where anointed abbot made a drink of the berries and found it so energetic that he could pray all night long after drinking it. These berries got the word of the mouth and started being propagated all across the Arabian peninsula where Arabians not only started cultivating coffee beans but they also became traders of coffee. The story does not end at all. Travelling through centuries, this coffee spread all across the world and then started improvisation in making coffee drinks. Coffee capsules and coffee pods are the latest advents relating to coffee mania. Let’s see how this journey took on.

Coffee in Arabia:

Coffee has travelled from Ethiopian berries to Nespresso capsules. And Arabian Peninsula played quite important role in that entire journey. Though Arabians were not the first ones to grow coffee plants, they surely were the first ones to realize its commercial dimensions. This led coffee to move all around the world in coming centuries. As soon as coffee was brought to Arab, Yemenis started growing it in their farms and only after few years, coffee reached all the corners of Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Persia. It became quite popular among Arabian people, perhaps their religion was a driving force behind this wild fame. Muslims are not allowed to drink Alcohol. Perhaps it was an alternative for them to keep them energetic, agile and active for their prayers and businesses. When demand of coffee increased, Arabs opened coffee houses and in those coffee houses, people used to come all around the day and sip with their friends. Thus, coffee became Arabs social drink.

Coffee in Europe:

Coffee houses in Arab were regarded as ‘schools of wise’, where people from all walks of life gathered and used to listen to music, play chess, discuss politics and share business experiences. And every time European traders went back to their countries, they used to tell fascinating stories of dark black magical Arabian drink. By 17th century, coffee reached Europe as well and there too sprang up coffee houses and here too, coffee became a social beverage. Arabs were coffee traders and they used to sell coffee to merchandisers. It is because European client was not as suitable for coffee plantation as was Arabian. But Europeans improvised coffee making methods and they kept improvising until we see the latest nespresso compatible coffee capsules , coffee machines, coffee pods etc.

Coffee in Modern World:

Coffee is often widely referenced as 2nd largest traded commodity. Though it could be questioned but there isn’t any doubt that it’s world’s most popular beverage. As told in the opening lines of the article, the day starts not with the rising of the sun, but with the coffee drink.