Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Coffee Round Up—Top 3 Coffee Myths Being Debunked

There are a lot of controversies attached to coffee and some of them are quite savage and need to be exposed readily across all winds. Often people are heard saying that coffee sets growth process back or even drinking coffee can result in cancer and other diseases as well. Honestly speaking, there are almost no evidences either way to support these arguments. Considering the vital importance of coffee for health and mental strength, it’s time to do justice with these controversies that are somehow getting into facts. Coffee in all its forms, natural or processed in the form of coffee capsules is good in all terms.

Coffee Hinders Your Kids’ Growth?

‘My child could not grow because he was prone to drinking coffee from early age which resulted in weakening growth mechanism’. And, ‘if you want your kid to grow properly, I must suggest you to keep your kid from drinking coffee’. A typical old wives’ tale!

There are no links ever found between coffee consumption and child’s growth. Studies to know correlation between coffee and growth were conducted over subjects that had crossed over their physical growth period and have low levels of Calcium intakes in their diets. Lesser calcium leads to abnormal loss of bony tissues and mass. Recently youngsters were experimented with drinking coffee and it was found that there are no relations whatsoever between caffeine and physical growth. So for moms, add up Nespresso Coffee in your kids’ diet plan and let them have their fantasies grow higher.

Coffee is a curse to you?

Though it’s absurd argument, yet it’s most widely propagated argument about coffee. It’s devil’s drink, it’s injurious to health and causes mental absenteeism and all other fuss. The point to consider first is whether there are any evidences and if there are, what they are.

Coffee comes in many forms and in many types. There are refillable coffee capsules and coffee pods as well. In all these forms, coffee makes people smarter. Coffeeis food for brain and brings adrenaline and dopamine. Adrenaline puts us into dynamical state; a state where body becomes more mindful to surroundings. Likewise dopamine becomes vibrant agent in neural activities. Dopamine acts as brain receptor and thus along with adrenaline, dopamine responds rather efficiently to any external stimulus. It’s smartness and it is coffee that’s making half a world smarter each morning.

Coffee Causes Ulcer?

By Jove, coffee has nothing to do with the birth of ulcer. Though it irritates pre-existing ulcer and it’s advisable to avoid coffee while suffering from ulcer.

Studies have led to the discovery of bacteria called ‘helicobactor pylori’ and this is what causes ulcer. In order to avoid ulcer, any antibiotic can do the cure. As far as coffee is concerned, it comes with altogether a different story. Your coffee capsules are your ultimate energy boosters. To mention few, they help you keeping away from diabetes, heart diseases, gallstones and colon cancer. Doctors too are prescribing coffee to their patients believing in its magical effects on health.

Keep The Life of Your Coffee:

Coffee is best when its drunk in a go. Light, heat and moisture are dangerous to both, its vitality and its taste. Anyhow, an air tight container is a nice choice because it exposes your coffee to none of the elements mentioned above. Likewise, refillable coffee capsules too are good because they are filled with fresh content.


  1. I agree with your view, and I will Keep The Life of My Coffee.

  2. Its really a worry giving younger kids coffee as there so many conflicting opinions about the coffee story