Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It’s Time to Change Biased Notions about Coffee

Coffee has changed our lifestyles upside down. From wiping out morning sulkiness to entertaining home party guests, we use coffee for all the times every time. It too has changed the way we talk and the way walk. People are often found taking oaths at their coffees.

If you aren’t coffee drinker, you might be wondering what’s so special about this coffee. Of course it’s beatifying and it’s exhilarating. But that’s not all what we’ve got registered with it. There is something more than its taste. It has promising healthful effects for us. Let’s have a peek into coffee’s magical aspects.

It wards off Depression:

As soon as coffee sips are taken, it takes us to the realms of peace and serenity where no tensions can bog down our mood. A latest study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health shows that women drinking caffeinated coffee have found 20% lower risks of running through depression.

Study focuses on caffeinated coffee drinking which means non-caffeinated coffee mightn’t have same effects. Though there are many other sources of caffeine but coffee is accounted for 80% coffee consumption. There is a funny thing about coffee in relation to depression. If bad in taste, coffee becomes biggest pain in the head. Unlike pizzas and parties, it becomes worse when reheated. So, coffee should be fresh when being drunk and what else than coffee capsules can bring in fresh, tasty and stimulating coffee cup.

It Helps Landing on Balanced Weight:

A storm in a tea cup is disturbance but fitness in a coffee cup is really a thing to jump and rejoice. Though drinking coffee can’t turn us into Mr. Olympian Jay Cutler, yet it can help us achieving ideal weight and shape. Drinking an espresso or cappuccino of cápsulas de Nespresso or any coffee capsules after taking meal increases biological metabolism. Caffeine in coffee slows down stomach’s food dumping rate and food moves to duodenum lately, allowing body to maintain better weight. Study tells about post-meal coffee effects, so coffee before meal may not lead to same results. There are many other energy drinks which boast of injecting herculean powers. There might be some traces of truth in their statements yet they can’t compete with coffee in boosting energy levels and maintaining healthy weight.

It’s NOT Addictive At All:

It’s been almost universally referred that coffee, too quickly, becomes an addiction and one cannot dump drinking habit. Well, there are two different things in this statement and both need little discussion. Firstly, drinking coffee can be an addiction but it’s nothing like drugs or anything like that. It has taste which is amazing, it has an aroma which is refreshing and anyone can fall for its taste and varying aroma. And if we call it addiction, let this be addiction.

Now, we there is caffeine which we normally hold for an addiction. It’s true that caffeine has some mystical and strange effects on human mind and body but World Health Organization states that it’s totally wrong to propagate caffeine intake as drug addiction since, unlike drugs, people can reduce or even carry off caffeine from their diet anytime they want. So, coffee wards off depression, it helps maintaining balanced weight, it boosts energy levels and above all cuppers can always control their coffee intake in their diet plans. All this makes coffee all time favorite drink. Once you choose your favorite Nespresso coffee, you will soon be convinced that it’s gift that can be missed while in this life.

Monday, 10 December 2012

More Than 4 Cups of Coffee A Day And You Are Risking Your Health

If you are reading about coffee, I believe it will be fair to assume that you are curious about its effects, or better yet you want to know how much is good for your health. It’s an old adage, excess of everything is bad. This wisdom rings true even for coffee drinking.

P.S. More than 500 mg caffeine per day can lead to unpleasant health problems.
First of all, let’s face it, we drink coffee and when we drink for many reasons. At times we drink coffee because our energy bar is about to end and at other times we drink because we want to mental alertness. Regardless of the reasons involved, drinking too much coffee isn’t perfectly safe. Before getting into details, let’s first know what types of coffee you drink.

Types of Coffee

Well, honestly speaking, brands of coffee are easier to count on than counting all types of coffee because coffee types are as many as cities and people in those cities of the world. Still, with most popular coffees, we can cover major types of coffee.

With coffee, there are various attributes attached such as, bean type and roast intensity, blends and additives etc. Based on these attributes, coffee changes its taste and based on this taste changes its type. You might be wondering about caffeine. Well, though caffeine, because of its tastelessness, has nothing to do with taste, yet its amount in a coffee is a crucial factor while deciding the type of coffee, for example decaffeinated coffee. Anyhow, it’s a long subject and I am saving it for some other time. Let’s know what popular coffee types are around.

Arabica and Robusta:

Nespresso capsules are analogous to modern coffee because almost most of the coffee drinkers around the world use its refillable coffee capsules every time they feel like drinking coffee. These coffee capsules carry a long modern manufacturing process behind them which starts from beans.

Growing coffee is possible only under certain climate conditions and only few of geographical regions hold up the climate suitable for growing coffee. Depending upon its native region, coffee tastes different from others. Arabica and Robusta are two major types of coffee beans. Former that accounts 70% of world coffee production, brings wider range of taste and smell. Before roasting, Arabica beans smell like blueberries and after roasting they may smell fruity and candied. On the other hand, Robusta can taste from neutral to bitter and their raw beans smell like peanuts.

Caffeine Amount in Arabica and Robusta:

We have seen that Arabica and Robusta differ in their physical, chemical and genic formation. But they too differ in their caffeine amount being carried in them. Caffeine in Arabica constitutes 1.2% while in Robusta, caffeine is 2.2%.

P.S. It takes 5 cups of coffee to cross 500 mg caffeine bar. Below this, everything is fine.
Due to its superior taste and flavor, Arabica is considered a high end choice. Earlier people used robusta as a source of instant coffee but ever since coffee capsules have become a commonplace utility, coffee drinkers prefer Arabica again. For caffeine conscious coffee drinkers, Arabica is best because caffeine in these beans is significantly little than robusta. Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are made of pure Arabica beans and that’s yet another reason for worldwide acceptance. If you are caffeine conscious and want to have coffee which is tasteful and aromatic, Nespresso capsules are good way to have all coffee fun with health.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

For The Love of Coffee – It Keeps Me Alive In World

A man went to the doctor and said, ‘The moment I take my first sip of coffee, a severe pain catches my right eye. It’s always unbearable’. The doctor smiled and asked, ‘Have you ever tried drinking coffee with your spoon out of it first’? Coffee among nutritionist and doctors is both disparaged and appreciated. Some say, it’s a great drink that guarantees health and power while others call it a death drink. I have never heard anyone dying of coffee drinking, until it was poisoned.

You Too Are Coffee Drinker If You Do This:
Anyways, do you know common traits of coffee drinkers? If following habits aren’t yours’, you are not a coffee drinker.
    1- You are actively active and can’t stop unless there is an earthquake.
    2- You answer your door before the doorbell rings, only to find there is no one out there.
    3- It’s only when they are in your mouth, you realize you didn’t unwrap your candy.
    4- ‘Good to the last drop’, you answer this when being asked, ‘how are you, pal?’
    5- As an IT specialist, you have special reverence for Java language.
    6- You call your wife honey, sugar or cream.
    7- At doctor’s place, word capsules remind you your coffee capsules.
    8- And, at gas station, refill fuel tank reminds you refillable Nespresso capsules.
And Starbucks sounds six bucks to you and, Gloria Jeans as G-bangers and you hold them responsible for your miserable last week of every month. At least, my friends told me so.

Coffee is Always good, if bad, it’s Not Coffee at all:

A man, worried about his failing health, went to the doctor and told him how bad his health is getting. Doctor said, ‘I want you to drink hot water every morning for one month’. Man got surprised and said, ‘You gotta be kidding with me. I’ve been doing that for last 7 years and my wife calls it ‘coffee’.

This joke reminded me my earlier days of drinking coffee when I just could not make a good cup. Before coffee machines and my Nespresso capsules, making coffee was really quite difficult and most of the times we all had to drink hot water in the name of coffee. It often used to hurt me why I always have to go to any coffee shop whenever I feel like drinking good coffee.

Now that we have our coffee machines and coffee capsules with us every time, bad coffee has become a thing of past. A good coffee has have to be economical and not causing much money. These coffee capsules are economical because they can be refilled with any of favorite coffee.

Coffee Fun Facts:

There were no coffee machines and coffee capsules 17th and 18th centuries. There were not even any refillable Nespresso capsules like things, so coffee drinkers had plenty of time to waste before they get their coffee. As a result, both American and French revolutions were planned in coffee shops. Until 1870’s, coffee was roasted in frying pans over a charcoal fire in homes. Finding charcoal has become rather difficult these days, so Starbucks does it in their stores.