Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It’s Time to Change Biased Notions about Coffee

Coffee has changed our lifestyles upside down. From wiping out morning sulkiness to entertaining home party guests, we use coffee for all the times every time. It too has changed the way we talk and the way walk. People are often found taking oaths at their coffees.

If you aren’t coffee drinker, you might be wondering what’s so special about this coffee. Of course it’s beatifying and it’s exhilarating. But that’s not all what we’ve got registered with it. There is something more than its taste. It has promising healthful effects for us. Let’s have a peek into coffee’s magical aspects.

It wards off Depression:

As soon as coffee sips are taken, it takes us to the realms of peace and serenity where no tensions can bog down our mood. A latest study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health shows that women drinking caffeinated coffee have found 20% lower risks of running through depression.

Study focuses on caffeinated coffee drinking which means non-caffeinated coffee mightn’t have same effects. Though there are many other sources of caffeine but coffee is accounted for 80% coffee consumption. There is a funny thing about coffee in relation to depression. If bad in taste, coffee becomes biggest pain in the head. Unlike pizzas and parties, it becomes worse when reheated. So, coffee should be fresh when being drunk and what else than coffee capsules can bring in fresh, tasty and stimulating coffee cup.

It Helps Landing on Balanced Weight:

A storm in a tea cup is disturbance but fitness in a coffee cup is really a thing to jump and rejoice. Though drinking coffee can’t turn us into Mr. Olympian Jay Cutler, yet it can help us achieving ideal weight and shape. Drinking an espresso or cappuccino of cápsulas de Nespresso or any coffee capsules after taking meal increases biological metabolism. Caffeine in coffee slows down stomach’s food dumping rate and food moves to duodenum lately, allowing body to maintain better weight. Study tells about post-meal coffee effects, so coffee before meal may not lead to same results. There are many other energy drinks which boast of injecting herculean powers. There might be some traces of truth in their statements yet they can’t compete with coffee in boosting energy levels and maintaining healthy weight.

It’s NOT Addictive At All:

It’s been almost universally referred that coffee, too quickly, becomes an addiction and one cannot dump drinking habit. Well, there are two different things in this statement and both need little discussion. Firstly, drinking coffee can be an addiction but it’s nothing like drugs or anything like that. It has taste which is amazing, it has an aroma which is refreshing and anyone can fall for its taste and varying aroma. And if we call it addiction, let this be addiction.

Now, we there is caffeine which we normally hold for an addiction. It’s true that caffeine has some mystical and strange effects on human mind and body but World Health Organization states that it’s totally wrong to propagate caffeine intake as drug addiction since, unlike drugs, people can reduce or even carry off caffeine from their diet anytime they want. So, coffee wards off depression, it helps maintaining balanced weight, it boosts energy levels and above all cuppers can always control their coffee intake in their diet plans. All this makes coffee all time favorite drink. Once you choose your favorite Nespresso coffee, you will soon be convinced that it’s gift that can be missed while in this life.

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