Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spain Echoes with ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’

People around the world are characterized by their various peculiar traits and Spaniards are known by their distinctive coffee drinking habits. Coffee holds some sanctified place in Spain and thus, their coffee drinking etiquettes have become so predictable that anyone can tell what time and what coffee any Spaniard will be drinking at certain day. Unlike the rest of the world where coffee is consumed with informal tittle-tattle environment, Spaniards tend to drink coffee in special tranquil and placid environments. It would be wise to clear that Spain has nothing special to the invention of coffee; they rather consumed coffee after buying it from Arab traders. But they blended and roasted coffee in such an amazing manner that they became synonymous to coffee magicians.

Days and Nights Coupled With Coffee:

When any travelers visit Spain, they are undoubtedly haunted by her bespoke beauty and her culture. People in Spain are live quite detached to world’s stresses. They enjoy the little pleasures of life and they feel adventurous when they themselves are creators of those pleasures. Coffee drinking is their coolest act of delight and pleasure. And this is their culture. Coffee is heartbeat of whole Spain.
Soon after they get up from their beds in morning, the first thing they drink is coffee. Café Con Leche, their pick me up coffee cup with half proportioned milk in it. Around 11, they will take their other coffee drink. Café Solo which means single espresso is most popular coffee drink in Spain. It’s very strong and black coffee, strong enough to spark your deadening neurons. Nespresso Capsules are filling in the traditional coffee making methods. Spaniards take their first coffee drink with half milk in it and 2nd one with strong black. This is amazing because the whole world does so in the reversed order. Then, at lunch and dinner and after any meal and during any meeting, they drink coffee. And before they get to their beds, again they drink coffee. The first thing to start off their days and last thing to end their day is coffee.

Popular Coffee Types in Spain:

Coffee in Spain has as many types as the plants on a tree. All these different types of coffee represent different types of tastes. Let’s have a look at some of the famous types of coffee in Spain.

  • Café Solo – This is most famous type of coffee in Spain.
  • Café Doble – This is twice stronger than Normal Café Solo
  • Café Leche – This is pick up coffee taken with breakfast
  • Café Cortado – café cortado is prepared by pouring little milk in espresso
  • Café Con Hielo – Espresso with ice becomes café con hielo
  • Carajillo – Whisky or rum over espresso make it carajillo
  • Trifasico – Whisky, brandy with ice and milk with espresso
  • Café Americano – Espresso with large amount of water make it café Americano
  • Café Suizo – skimmed cream is used to top at coffee for making café suizo

  • This list can extend to large numbers but above mentioned coffee types are Spaniards’ celebrated coffee types. Coffee capsules Spain is now extensively used to make these types of coffees. When coffee is to be served during their meetings and gatherings, Nespresso compatible capsules are used to make their presence more lively and productive. So, which of coffee you like most and how many cups you generally drink in a day?

    Tuesday, 18 September 2012

    For Programmers, What’s So Special about Coffee

    Coffee drinking is rather more common among computer professionals and among programmers in particular. If you are a programmer too or often visit to IT houses, you will see those computer professionals bent on their computer screens with coffee mugs over their computer desks. It’s interesting to know whether coffee has really something to do with their job or it’s just another work beverage.

    Interesting Relation between Coffee and Programmers:

    Though apparently we don’t find any links between these two but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any at all. Just take an example of well celebrated computer language ‘Java’ which means ‘coffee’ in American slang. Besides it’s etymology, logo of Java language confirms that it’s inspiration comes from coffee. And likewise ‘Java Beans’ in java language act same as reusable coffee capsules.
    Having said, what’s so special about coffee that a language is specially named after it? Though there are many stories how Java was named Java, most famous goes like this. During the meeting presided by Kim Polese, board members of Sun Microsystems consumed too much coffee that they changed their product name from Oak to Java. Illustration of the cup with swirling smoke over it also refers to the same event. Anyhow, when asked programmers why do they drink coffee, I got interesting answers. Have a look at one below.

    ‘2-8 espresso/day is enough. I write flawless code, I stay military active and I don’t suffer insomnia. I don’t see any disadvantages with coffee consumption’.

    Coffee Before Coding:

    If you are new to computers, let’s see how your peers work. Being a computer programmer or web developer means to work with acute Diligence through all the day long. Did I say Diligence? Yes, I mean it in caps. So, what can keep you alive to your code? It’s coffee which stimulates alertness and reduces drowsiness. Your cognitive functioning starts increasing and you are again all set for your work. This is how it works. A friend of mine who is often engaged in complex and advanced computer projects told me that it’s not only the coffee breaks that he relies over. He added that before he sets his hands at work, he gets his hot Nespresso Coffee ready, takes whiffs of the smoke and starts sipping with small intervals. By the time, he finishes his cup, he finds his hands already mashing the buttons of keyboard. And to the extent of surprise, his code generated during this time carries par perfection.

    Too Long Coffee Breaks:

    Often it’s referred that brain acts as a computer. To some extent we all agree with this. Computers can work for hours and hours without getting bored. They can do the same tasks with same efficiency for unlimited number of turns. But human mind gets both, tired and bored as well. Coffee breaks are handy in such conditions. It’s not always outdoor coffee cafes that you must rely for coffee drink. And at home, coffee making process too looks more painstaking when you when you are already tired. Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are a hot shot for you. With them, there is a big NO to roasting, blending and bla bla bla…..!!!! It’s already done for drinkers. So, never be afraid of getting into programming. Coffee drinkers are daredevils these days. Be Quick, smart and active with your Nespresso Coffee!

    Wednesday, 12 September 2012

    Breaking the Codes of a Good Coffee

    As usual, I again had a hurried morning and I could tack only on ‘pick me coffee’ before I left for my work. My dopamine had tuned up when I reached at work. Then for hours and hours, my figures kept mashing keyboard buttons, my ears kept listening even to panting voices over phone receiver and my eyes were wide open as a night watchman. Am I over caffeinated?

    Am I over Caffeinated?

    I was wondering is that coffee all about rushed mornings, frantic days, mind tearing stress and ‘action stations’ and it aids and abets us only in keeping up strong against rushed and stressful activities only. Among many other variables, following three are important indicators to caffeine level in coffee.
      a-Coffee’s origin

    Coffee’s Origin:

    Coffee is produced only in ‘bean belt’ starting from tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Beans taken from these tropics noticeably vary in terms of caffeine percentage. For example, beans from Jamaican Mtns carry 1.24% caffeine. Whereas Kenyan beans have 1.36% of caffeine. Even different beans taken from same bush can also vary in their caffeine levels. So what’s the answer? There are mainly two types of coffee that comprise over 98% commercial consumption.
      2-Robusto (also known as Canephora)

    Caffeine level in a typical Arabica bean ranges from 1.2% to 1.8% and from 2.4% to 3.7% in Robusto beans. This caffeine level stays same even in coffee capsules. It tells that a 7 ounce of Coffee cup would have 115-117 mg of caffeine in it.


    Roasting is another important agent in determining caffeine level in a typical coffee cup. In the process of roasting, caffeine is surfaced under 350-500 F. Contrary to the belief, roasting decreases caffeine to considerable levels. Depending upon temperature and time span of the roasting process, caffeine can be reduced up to 15%. It means that darker the beans, higher the caffeine levels and vice versa. So people particularly interested in drinking lower levels of caffeine should take lighter brown beans.


    The way you make your cup of coffee too plays crucial role in your caffeine consumption. From Cappuccino to Espresso and from Caffe latte to Americano, all methods for making coffee do affect caffeine level.

    So, how much should I drink?

    As a matter of fact, it depends on what type you are drinking. Contrary to popular belief, scientific studies shows some interesting facts. It shows that drinking two cups of coffee per day decreases liver cancer chances to 43%. Likewise, drinking 5-6 cups of coffee in a day would decrease your diabetes vulnerability to 50%. I have been using Refillable Nespresso Capsules for quite some time and feel quite relieved and agile. My medics too reported me that I am going cool. Anyhow, doctor’s recommendation for you too is always important. If you are feeling that you have taken too much or are taking too much coffee, its better to consult with doctors.

    Action Stations:

    I was too surprised when I learnt that Coffee is 2nd most traded commodity over the earth. So the ubiquity of coffee must go unquestioned. But, every time we need coffee cup, should we always go through whole painstaking process of making coffee? Coffee capsules are good alternatives to make instant coffee. Just use coffee capsules and bingo! Coffee is ready in 2 minutes. Coffee capsules compatible Nespresso have gained much proclamation in recent years as they are always there to assist when you are feeling down and out.

    Monday, 3 September 2012

    How a cup of coffee can jolt up your workout?

    A famous sportsman once said that ‘There is always an athlete hidden in us’. I agree with this. Some of us get it out. And some of us fail to. But there is always a sporty side of every individual. Many wish to have a chiseled up, toned body. But when they find out that for this they have to work out and enhancing the stamina would take a lot of pain. They back out from the idea of getting a perfect body. Stamina is what every athlete requires whether he is playing a team game, like football, whether he is playing tennis, whether he is working out. But developing the real time stamina requires real time input and pots full of sweat. Yet the world is full of artificial stamina developers in the shape of capsules and tablets and what not. But as a matter of fact they bring a lot of side effects in a long run.

    Get your hidden athlete out with Coffee:

    What if I say that drinking a cup of coffee before working out or playing your sport can jolt up your over all stamina and make you work better than before? Many of you may not believe this. But many dietitians and many players have discovered that drinking a cup of coffee before working-out or playing sport enhance their stamina and they can work better than before. Doctor says and I quote, that caffeine Intake helps body to produce fatty acids and they circulate in the bloodstream by which the athlete can work better than before. So if you want to work out and get a chiseled body. How about drinking a coffee capsules before you start your workout? This is one of the fastest and reliable caffeine intakes.

    Coffee can make a difference:

    A recent research which was conducted on a team of athletes. And half of them drank coffee and half of them did not. And both started workout. After two hours those athletes who did not drank coffee was exhausted as compare to those who drank coffee. That research proved that the caffeine intake have the striking effect on the nervous system and enlighten up the mood, alertness and improve concentration. The other part of this research was that the accuracy of those players who take caffeine is higher than those who do not.

    Drink a fast cup of coffee like you are:

    Coffee is proved to be a most favorite sports drink among so many athletes. But another fact is that the busy routine and schedules does not allow so many athletes to make coffee for them. Since a good cup of coffee needs a lot of time, pain and expertise. But there is a solution for athletes and all the coffee drinkers who want to drinker a fast, fresh, and a reliable cup of coffee. Coffee capsules are the key.
    Every athlete has some place to work out. He can put a Nespresso machine in his gym. And can fancy coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso easily. Extracting coffee out of coffee capsules is very easy and fast. And they contain very optimal volume of caffeine. So there also won’t be the issue of extra intake. There are also empty coffee capsules for Nespresso available so if you want to drink your favorite flavor that too won’t be an issue.