Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spain Echoes with ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’

People around the world are characterized by their various peculiar traits and Spaniards are known by their distinctive coffee drinking habits. Coffee holds some sanctified place in Spain and thus, their coffee drinking etiquettes have become so predictable that anyone can tell what time and what coffee any Spaniard will be drinking at certain day. Unlike the rest of the world where coffee is consumed with informal tittle-tattle environment, Spaniards tend to drink coffee in special tranquil and placid environments. It would be wise to clear that Spain has nothing special to the invention of coffee; they rather consumed coffee after buying it from Arab traders. But they blended and roasted coffee in such an amazing manner that they became synonymous to coffee magicians.

Days and Nights Coupled With Coffee:

When any travelers visit Spain, they are undoubtedly haunted by her bespoke beauty and her culture. People in Spain are live quite detached to world’s stresses. They enjoy the little pleasures of life and they feel adventurous when they themselves are creators of those pleasures. Coffee drinking is their coolest act of delight and pleasure. And this is their culture. Coffee is heartbeat of whole Spain.
Soon after they get up from their beds in morning, the first thing they drink is coffee. Café Con Leche, their pick me up coffee cup with half proportioned milk in it. Around 11, they will take their other coffee drink. Café Solo which means single espresso is most popular coffee drink in Spain. It’s very strong and black coffee, strong enough to spark your deadening neurons. Nespresso Capsules are filling in the traditional coffee making methods. Spaniards take their first coffee drink with half milk in it and 2nd one with strong black. This is amazing because the whole world does so in the reversed order. Then, at lunch and dinner and after any meal and during any meeting, they drink coffee. And before they get to their beds, again they drink coffee. The first thing to start off their days and last thing to end their day is coffee.

Popular Coffee Types in Spain:

Coffee in Spain has as many types as the plants on a tree. All these different types of coffee represent different types of tastes. Let’s have a look at some of the famous types of coffee in Spain.

  • Café Solo – This is most famous type of coffee in Spain.
  • Café Doble – This is twice stronger than Normal Café Solo
  • Café Leche – This is pick up coffee taken with breakfast
  • Café Cortado – café cortado is prepared by pouring little milk in espresso
  • Café Con Hielo – Espresso with ice becomes café con hielo
  • Carajillo – Whisky or rum over espresso make it carajillo
  • Trifasico – Whisky, brandy with ice and milk with espresso
  • Café Americano – Espresso with large amount of water make it café Americano
  • Café Suizo – skimmed cream is used to top at coffee for making café suizo

  • This list can extend to large numbers but above mentioned coffee types are Spaniards’ celebrated coffee types. Coffee capsules Spain is now extensively used to make these types of coffees. When coffee is to be served during their meetings and gatherings, Nespresso compatible capsules are used to make their presence more lively and productive. So, which of coffee you like most and how many cups you generally drink in a day?

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