Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Feel Thrilled all the time! Drink Coffee all the time

I love coffee. Until or unless I don’t drink several cups of fresh coffee a day. I don’t feel like having a good day. It’s my energizer, and of so many other people as well. All around the world. But there is an inevitable fact that all the coffee drinkers have to face all the time. They have to face people saying bad things about coffee all the time. Some says that drinking coffee can cause several ailments; some says that drinking coffee can reduce the number of minerals in your body. And some even says that drinking coffee can reduce your life span. Believe me or not world is full of coffee haters whom I and many of other coffee drinkers have to face all the time. That is why today I want to write in the favor of coffee. In these days I have find out that coffee is good for so many things.

Memory Booster:

For instance drinking a cup of coffee everyday can boost up your memory. A study has shown that caffeine intake can boost up the blood flow to the brain and this can help you remember answers to the question for a longer period of time. Having a boosted up memory means that if you are at a work place you can be more efficient and proactive. Because you can remember everything that is required. Then bringing in a Nespresso machine in your office with a bag full of coffee capsules and drinking a fresh cup of coffee would not be a bad idea at all.

Biggest Antioxidant Intake:

Then it is proven that in so many countries coffee is the biggest intake of oxidants through diet. And so many of us are unaware of the fact that coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very helpful against body cells damage and many other diseases and skin ailments. So if you do not have any other type of antioxidant intake then you must drink a cup of coffee. And to get a fast and fresh and with optimal level of caffeine by drinking it from coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso is the best way.

Fast Fat Burner:

And then the best feature that coffee posses that I and so many other people like is that coffee is a very fast fat burner. Coffee is a thermogenic product. And it stimulates the fat mobilization and oxidation in the body. And this help body to reduce fat faster. So many actors and models around the world daily drink coffee just to be in good shape.

Get more concentrated:

Then it is medically proven that coffee improves every individual’s overall performance. It stimulates the power and energy in the body. And helps body to perform better in different tasks. It is also proven that people who drink coffee are more concentrated towards their work than those who do not drink coffee every day. So if you want to impress your boss at work and coach at sports field bring in a Nespresso machine and empty coffee capsules for Nespresso and drink your favorite flavor. And show him what you are actually capable of. My concluding remarks would be that next time whenever you meet a coffee hater without any hesitation through all these points on him and defend the origin of coffee.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Convert your workplace into a paradise with Coffee

To earn bread and butter we all have to work. But how many of us love the place we work at? When we get up in the morning how many of us feel energized and motivated to get ready and take off for the workplace. Very few of us may be. But for many of us (including me) workplace is like a nightmare. But how about if I tell you that there is way and preferably very easy and swift way by which you can convert your workplace into a paradise. You can make it a place you will admire to go.

Get yourself a cup of coffee:

Coffee is the way to make your workplace so much better than it was ever before. Coffee is most commonly used amazing stress buster. But normally people think that coffee making is a very tiresome and time taking job. First you have to roast the coffee beans, then you have to grind them well, then you have to brew them, and then after a long time you get a cup of tea. And if you use the concept of postponement here and get the coffee beans roasted and grinned already it won’t give you the fresh taste. And if anything went wrong during such a time taking process then you might end up drinking a bad cup of coffee. That’s why people having such thoughts, prefer to make a cup of tea which is easy and reliable at workplace. Instead of coffee. But tea is of no comparison with coffee when it comes to stress busting caffeine in take. And all the professional coffee drinkers know what I am saying.

Coffee drinking was never this easy before:

Let me just solve your problem. Coffee capsules are what you need if while drinking a coffee you think any of the above. Coffee capsules are the small coffee containers that normally contain a single serve coffee. And does not require any hard work at all. Extracting coffee out of coffee capsules is amazingly easy and incredibly fast. All you have to do is to put your coffee capsule into coffee making machine and press a button. And while you are whistling your favorite song a very fresh and refreshing cup of coffee will be ready. Which you can drink while sitting at your office cabin and feel elevated.

How can I select coffee making machine?

Yes, that is a very valid question and needs to be answered. Coffee capsules operate with different coffee making systems. And there are hundreds of coffees making machines are available in market. But the most famous, swift and dependable system in terms of ranking and performance is Nespresso. There are two reasons behind it. One is that Nespresso provides five star performances in coffee extraction. And second that coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso are easy to procure.

What if I want to drink different flavors of coffee?

Everybody have a unique choice. Since we all have different taste buds. That is why we all cannot like the same coffee flavor every time. There is also a solution available for this query if you are using a Nespresso machine. There are empty coffee capsules for Nespresso available in the market. This has the capacity or refilling? And can be used multiple times. So if employees at your office love different types of coffee. That is not an issue anymore.

How fresh my coffee would be?

Coffee capsules are air tight containers and keep the coffee flavor away from moisture and air. So every time you will drink a coffee from a coffee capsules you will have an amazing and reliable taste. So let’s just admit that this is one of the best ways to make your work place so much better than it was ever before.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Drink fresh coffee, Drink Coffee capsules

Coffee is one of the most highly consumed beverages across the world. People all around the world are coffee maniacs. Whether it is office space, a house, or vacation, or any other place. A lot of people consider drinking coffee everyday as an obligation. Coffee is known as a stress buster. Some people drink it to retain energy, some drink it to reduce ailments, and some drink it just for the sake of fun. But let me tell you that the whole process of coffee making is very long and tiresome. I am talking about the traditional coffee making techniques.

Drink fast- Drink capsules:

In recent times a very new and unique technique of coffee production has been introduced. This technique is known as coffee capsules. Coffee capsules are one of the swiftest, easy and reliable techniques of coffee production. And as a matter of fact the idea of coffee capsules is receiving so much response of coffee drinkers. And the reason of gaining so much response is that coffee capsules have made the coffee making easy and humanly possible. As of the traditional way of coffee making was only possible for kitchen maestros. And while you are producing coffee traditionally, any wrong step could make the astonishing experience of coffee drinking into the worse experience. Until or unless you are a pro-grinder, pro-brewer, and pro-roaster. And let’s just not forget we are only humans.

But on the other hand coffee capsules have added so much value in coffee drinking procedure. Coffee drinking was never as easy as this is now. And all thanks to coffee capsules. Coffee capsules are tiny containers of coffee which contains a single serve coffee flavor. And the extraction of coffee out of these coffee capsules is very easy. You just have to put your favorite coffee capsule compatible with Nespresso in the machine. And press a button and wait for couple of minutes and you will get a refreshing cup of coffee, with zero kitchen expertise.

Do we have to trade-off quality?

Now the question come up about the quality of coffee produced from coffee capsules and quality of traditionally extracted coffee. But here I would like to mention the concept of probability. The probability of messing up your coffee experience is high in traditional way to coffee making. But the probability of messing up your coffee experience is low in coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso. Because you will almost every time have a same fresh cup of coffee. No matter how many times you do it.

Inevitable convenience:

And this is only one side of the picture. Coffee capsules also come with refill capacity. And provides you the convenience of refilling it with your favorite coffee flavor. Empty capsules for Nespresso also give you the space to extract tea out of these capsules.

Now just imagine with me the convenience coffee capsule provides. The whole process is very smooth and easy. And it is least noisy and requires least cleaning. So if you want to drink coffee while sitting in your office space or you are a type of a coffee drinker who does not know about the classic skills of coffee production, or want this whole procedure to be smooth and easy and convenient. This is the best option for you. Because by having all these things you are not even making a tradeoff of quality. This is a real time win-win situation for coffee drinkers.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How can coffee capsules add value to your daily routine?

How important is coffee for us?

The quest of bread and butter forced all of us to bundle ourselves with work, work that can snatch the best out of us. In the morning when we get up till night most of us have to work like machines. And it’s normal human capacity that we get tired after sometime. But we do not afford to get tired, do we? We need our stamina and energy throughout the day, So that whatever we are doing, we could do justice with it. Thank god we have coffee. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages of the world. And is considered to be a stimulant which can bring back your lost energy.

And as the man always seeks convenience in every matter of life. To add up more convenience into the coffee consumption coffee capsules were introduced not so long ago. Most of the traditional coffee drinkers are even unaware about the existence of the coffee capsules. And people who do know about them mostly fail to trust coffee capsules as they are so obsessed with their traditional style of drinking coffee, which includes grinding, brewing etc. But let me tell you some of the fundamental benefits or I would say values that coffee capsules can add up in your daily life.

What are coffee capsules?

Let’s start with the introduction of coffee capsules. Coffee capsules are small containers of coffee. This mostly contains coffee for single serve. The process of extracting coffee out of coffee capsule is amazingly easy and swift. The drinker just has to put its favorite coffee capsule in the machine and press a button. And he could fancy his self with a great cup of coffee. Coffee capsules come in different flavors of coffee and operates with different coffee machines. However, the most famous type is coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso. And this is not it there are empty coffee capsules for Nespresso as well in which the consumer can add his own favorite flavor and extract coffee out of it.

Benefits of coffee capsules

The very first value coffee capsules add in your daily life is convenience. After all convenience is something we all seek for. Coffee capsule dwarf down the whole process of coffee making, No long grinding and brewing is involved. Coffee capsule would hardly require your couple of minutes to get a great cup of coffee.

Then coffee capsules add value in your daily routine in terms of reliability. Traditional way of coffee making is long and need extra bit of expertise so if at any point anything would go wrong you can end up having a bad cup of coffee. But with coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso you can have the best and reliable taste every time. And you can always trust the taste. No matter how mass volume of coffee you have to produce. Coffee capsules work perfect in office space for several reasons. First because they take less space than traditional style of coffee making. Second they are fast and less noisy if we compare it with traditional style of producing coffee (Grinding, Brewing).

Freshness is another value which a coffee capsule can add up. Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso are air tight, and 0% exposed to the air and moisture. That is why whenever you produce out a coffee capsule it provides you with extra bit of freshness which is practically impossible with traditional style of coffee making. So next time when you want to drink a cup of fresh, tasty, and fast cup of coffee. Do not forget to consider coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso or empty coffee capsules for Nespresso .

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How about serving Coffee at Wedding Ceremony?

Are you getting married and what to arrange a non-traditional wedding ceremony? People always appreciate when they attend a non-traditional party. Everyone wants a change. Most of us are bored of attending weddings with traditional reception and refreshments. How about beginning a change by breaking all traditional? Yes, it will make your wedding exciting and memorable for all the guests.

Plan your venue and date months ahead

Planning a party is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and organizing skills. First of all, decide a suitable date and venue. Make sure that it is easy for everyone to attend your event. You do not want to stand alone at the venue with your bride; of course you want all your guests to arrive.

You can choose a holiday or weekend, as people are usually free on weekends. Invite them weeks earlier, so that they can make they can plan their schedule accordingly. The venue should be approachable for everyone. Tell the address properly so that guests can arrive easily. It is better to arrange your weeding and reception at the same venue. It will be easy for you as well as they guests.

Why not organize a non-traditional wedding reception?

Do you love coffee? If yes, then how about serving coffee to your guests at your wedding ceremony? It will be a fabulous idea! You will only need a Nespresso coffee maker, coffee capsules, serving cups or glass (in case of ice coffee). This will be a perfect idea, if you are organizing the wedding function at morning or evening. Do not worry it will not cost you that much. You can use refillable Capsules compatible Nespresso and different coffee flavours. The guests can choose which coffee they would like to drink and they can get their favourite one within a few seconds. If possible, how about serving them with personalized coffee flavours? They will certainly love it and marvel your hospitality.
You can also serve cookies, falafels, cakes and other eatables that go with coffee made from , Capsules Compatible Nespresso, so that the guests enjoy the wedding function to the fullest. It will be more affordable, elegent and presentable as compared to the usual buffet.

What if the function is at night?

Now you must be wondering that all is said about morning or evening wedding function. What if the wedding is at night? Well, you can serve coffee ice-coffee before the dinner – at reception and after dinner you can serve them with freshly brewed coffee – Espresso or cappuccino. You can arrange for specially designed baskets with cookies and cup cakes along with coffee. They will love this lot. It is good to surprise your guests with your creativity and win their appreciation.

You hire experienced barista to serve ask each guest which coffee they would like after dinner. It will be very easy to make different types of coffee with help of Refillable Capsules compatible Nespresso. You can offer extra cream to your guests if they ask for it. It will be very impressive and people would return from the wedding with real joy.

Wedding is the most memorable event of one’s life

Remember, the wedding is the most memorable event of one’s life. So make it outstanding. I hope that after reading all this, you will be able to plan and arrange for your event, perfectly. I am sure that the idea of serving coffee at weddings would make your event stand out from rest of the traditional weddings that we usually attend. Do let us know how it goes. We would love to know about your wedding experience!