Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Feel Thrilled all the time! Drink Coffee all the time

I love coffee. Until or unless I don’t drink several cups of fresh coffee a day. I don’t feel like having a good day. It’s my energizer, and of so many other people as well. All around the world. But there is an inevitable fact that all the coffee drinkers have to face all the time. They have to face people saying bad things about coffee all the time. Some says that drinking coffee can cause several ailments; some says that drinking coffee can reduce the number of minerals in your body. And some even says that drinking coffee can reduce your life span. Believe me or not world is full of coffee haters whom I and many of other coffee drinkers have to face all the time. That is why today I want to write in the favor of coffee. In these days I have find out that coffee is good for so many things.

Memory Booster:

For instance drinking a cup of coffee everyday can boost up your memory. A study has shown that caffeine intake can boost up the blood flow to the brain and this can help you remember answers to the question for a longer period of time. Having a boosted up memory means that if you are at a work place you can be more efficient and proactive. Because you can remember everything that is required. Then bringing in a Nespresso machine in your office with a bag full of coffee capsules and drinking a fresh cup of coffee would not be a bad idea at all.

Biggest Antioxidant Intake:

Then it is proven that in so many countries coffee is the biggest intake of oxidants through diet. And so many of us are unaware of the fact that coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very helpful against body cells damage and many other diseases and skin ailments. So if you do not have any other type of antioxidant intake then you must drink a cup of coffee. And to get a fast and fresh and with optimal level of caffeine by drinking it from coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso is the best way.

Fast Fat Burner:

And then the best feature that coffee posses that I and so many other people like is that coffee is a very fast fat burner. Coffee is a thermogenic product. And it stimulates the fat mobilization and oxidation in the body. And this help body to reduce fat faster. So many actors and models around the world daily drink coffee just to be in good shape.

Get more concentrated:

Then it is medically proven that coffee improves every individual’s overall performance. It stimulates the power and energy in the body. And helps body to perform better in different tasks. It is also proven that people who drink coffee are more concentrated towards their work than those who do not drink coffee every day. So if you want to impress your boss at work and coach at sports field bring in a Nespresso machine and empty coffee capsules for Nespresso and drink your favorite flavor. And show him what you are actually capable of. My concluding remarks would be that next time whenever you meet a coffee hater without any hesitation through all these points on him and defend the origin of coffee.

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