Tuesday, 18 September 2012

For Programmers, What’s So Special about Coffee

Coffee drinking is rather more common among computer professionals and among programmers in particular. If you are a programmer too or often visit to IT houses, you will see those computer professionals bent on their computer screens with coffee mugs over their computer desks. It’s interesting to know whether coffee has really something to do with their job or it’s just another work beverage.

Interesting Relation between Coffee and Programmers:

Though apparently we don’t find any links between these two but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any at all. Just take an example of well celebrated computer language ‘Java’ which means ‘coffee’ in American slang. Besides it’s etymology, logo of Java language confirms that it’s inspiration comes from coffee. And likewise ‘Java Beans’ in java language act same as reusable coffee capsules.
Having said, what’s so special about coffee that a language is specially named after it? Though there are many stories how Java was named Java, most famous goes like this. During the meeting presided by Kim Polese, board members of Sun Microsystems consumed too much coffee that they changed their product name from Oak to Java. Illustration of the cup with swirling smoke over it also refers to the same event. Anyhow, when asked programmers why do they drink coffee, I got interesting answers. Have a look at one below.

‘2-8 espresso/day is enough. I write flawless code, I stay military active and I don’t suffer insomnia. I don’t see any disadvantages with coffee consumption’.

Coffee Before Coding:

If you are new to computers, let’s see how your peers work. Being a computer programmer or web developer means to work with acute Diligence through all the day long. Did I say Diligence? Yes, I mean it in caps. So, what can keep you alive to your code? It’s coffee which stimulates alertness and reduces drowsiness. Your cognitive functioning starts increasing and you are again all set for your work. This is how it works. A friend of mine who is often engaged in complex and advanced computer projects told me that it’s not only the coffee breaks that he relies over. He added that before he sets his hands at work, he gets his hot Nespresso Coffee ready, takes whiffs of the smoke and starts sipping with small intervals. By the time, he finishes his cup, he finds his hands already mashing the buttons of keyboard. And to the extent of surprise, his code generated during this time carries par perfection.

Too Long Coffee Breaks:

Often it’s referred that brain acts as a computer. To some extent we all agree with this. Computers can work for hours and hours without getting bored. They can do the same tasks with same efficiency for unlimited number of turns. But human mind gets both, tired and bored as well. Coffee breaks are handy in such conditions. It’s not always outdoor coffee cafes that you must rely for coffee drink. And at home, coffee making process too looks more painstaking when you when you are already tired. Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are a hot shot for you. With them, there is a big NO to roasting, blending and bla bla bla…..!!!! It’s already done for drinkers. So, never be afraid of getting into programming. Coffee drinkers are daredevils these days. Be Quick, smart and active with your Nespresso Coffee!

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