Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Coffee Addiction -- Ring My Bells, Ring My Bells

‘In mornings, my eyes see nothing and my mind behaves nuts until java runs through my veins. At noon, my thoughts start falling apart and even the smallest jobs start looking herculean, until coffee finds its feet in my brain chambers. At evenings, my heart starts sinking as sun sets in the farthest skies until aroma of coffee fly around me. At nights, looming shadow of fatigue haunts me until a cup of Joe rings my bells’. I feel I am addicted to coffee. Yes, I am addicted to its aroma, its taste, its warmth and its company. Like good friends in old age, my coffee brings me energy, power, strength, courage and belief in myself.

My Cup of Joe and My Love for it:
I often wonder what is there in a cup of coffee that keeps me coming back for more. Over the years, I have developed a bond with coffee which is entirely mystic and weird, healing and rejuvenating, bold and glamorous. People might call me a coffee addict, a coffee lover or even coffee maniac, but I am perfectly OK will all these terms. I cannot remind myself any day when I hadn’t have my coffee and I played all my drudgery smooth. It reflects my varying emotions, fluctuating energy levels, moving goals, fascinating ideals and everything that can keep me alive. A complete food even to the 6th sense!

Nespresso Capsules are my great companions. You know why? I always feel that time runs through my hands rather swiftly and my jobs find no slips to the end. At that time, I feel myself lurking for some instant power booster, making sure that it doesn’t hurt my health and body. Making coffee from ground beans involves mathematically tedious steps and when time is already critical to doing work, I cannot risk spoiling it any further. That is why, I use coffee capsules which allow me to have instant coffee without even compromising even a single trace in aroma, taste and energy. These coffee capsules come in many flavors, almost in all flavors.

High End Coffee:
Frankly speaking, there is nothing as bad as ugly smelling and bitter tasting coffee. When I say coffee, it means it must be fresh as daisy flowers, it must be tasteful as blood, it must be aromatic as divine perfumes and it must be hot as hell. I say so because I mean it.

Nespresso coffee is what I can blindly go after every time I feel like having coffee. But, there is a way even in madness. Stay assured, with nespresso capsules everything leads to a pleasant experience. Nespresso is a high end coffee. Geaorge Cloony puts it, ‘rich, sensual, unique and intense’. Have you ever seen what’s inside these Nespresso coffee capsules? Apparently, they all, mild, strong or decaf, look and smell same as espresso coffee. Well, in following couple of lines, let’s make instant-coffee way.

Get nespresso capsule or refillable nespresso coffee capsule , pour hot water and stir it until everything gets mixed properly. Before you take the sip, just spoon up some coffee and you will see it’s no way similar to fine instant coffee. Now let’s use aero press after pouring water and stirring coffee capsule. Press and press a little more. This is the real espresso! Tasteful as honey, dark as night and thick with creamae. Have it all until your bells are rung!

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