Thursday, 22 November 2012

Putting Your Taste Buds into Party Mode

There were times, not much earlier, when coffee used to appear only on the menu of some grind houses and coffee shops. For one good cup of coffee, we had to drag our bodies to those shops. And coffee grinders were rare constituents in the kitchens as Porsches in the drive.

Times have changed ever since coffee capsules have appeared on the scene. Now we, without even leaving the dust of our kitchens, get our coffee anytime and every time. Whether it’s morning cappuccino or after dinner espresso, all it needs 2 minutes to make our favorite shot, and interestingly there isn’t any trace of mess in all this work.

Coffee at Home – Elevating to Life of Entertainment

Coffee at home is analogous to coffee from capsules. It’s all because of Coffee machines which are now so common to kitchens that having not one might lead to sudden surprise for others. These coffee machines have rid us from all that tedious process of making coffee. Just coffee capsules, be it Lavazza, Dualit or let it be Capsules compatible Nespresso, and use them with relevant coffee machines. This is this real simple.

These coffee capsules offer treat to every kind of taste buds because they come in every flavor that we have known so far. So this is the reason that serving guests and visitors at home with coffee has become customary. Be it a house warming party for a newly bought house or it’s a birthday party thrown to relatives, presenting coffee with other delights is always first on the list.

Creamy Cups, Crazy Taste in Little Time, Lesser Cost:

‘Black as devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love’. This is the description of great coffee. With the help of coffee capsules compatible Nespresso, it’s now possible for everyone to make such pure, sweet and aromatic coffee with little effort. And the best part of this cup is that it costs almost nothing as compared to other coffee making sources.

These capsules are made of thermoplastic polymer which is quite durable and recyclable. Once these capsules are used, they don’t need to be binned. They are refillable Nespresso capsules which mean these can be used for later uses. After being washed and dried, these capsules are ready for next action. Add your favorite ground espresso coffee in it, tamp down nicely, apply the adhesive seal foil and you are done. Now you just need to insert this capsule compatible Nespresso into your machines brew chamber and have your coffee your way.

With these capsules, you will be every time ready to serve your own particular taste and won’t have to compromise with others’ varying taste.

Fun Fact of the Day:

There is world of fun facts about coffee. Let’s have one for the day. 5 cups of coffee can earn a Ban for you in Olympics. Yes, 5 cup a day. Sportsmen who may have 12 micrograms of Caffeine per one millimeter of urine get a red card from Olympics. It takes 5 cups of coffee in a day to exceed 12 micrograms of caffeine which is banned substance on International Olympics Committee. So, don’t be over caffeinated while you are up for appearing Olympics.

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  1. I have used the reusable capsules for Nespresso, and they work fine. The best thing about it all is that I can use just the coffee, I want.