Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Best Bang for Your Bucks on Your Brew

Countless people can’t even think of getting through a day without their coffee. Drinking coffee all around the day has rather become a ritual for most of us. When it comes to drinking coffee, we are left with only two options; either make it or buy it.

Buy it or Make it?

Heading out of the doors to any coffee shop is of course such an action that always leads to mixed reactions. It’s pleasant on the weekends when we aren’t anymore pressed against our working tables and have much time to roam and wander. We enter any coffee shop, find the table there, sit there and place our order with java jivi. And then wait for it with our bodies drowned in chair. It takes time to have one cup of coffee out.

But we don’t always feel like walking or driving for a single cup of our Joe. At times we are too tired to walk or drive. At times, we don’t have times. And at other times, we are running low with our money. And at times, it happens all. I personally wish I had any genie that could go out to any coffee shop and bring a fresh cup of coffee for me and that too instantly. There are no genies. But thanks to cápsulas de Nespresso which always rises to the hour of need and help me fills up my Vitamin C. They help us turning our walls into coffee shops.

Two Shakes of A Lamb’s Tail and Coffee is Ready

The best thing about these coffee capsules is that they are Nespresso compatible and can be used with common Nespresso machines. You can serve a company of tens in just minutes. This works that much fast. These coffee capsules provide an opportunity to have quick fee. Quick fee? It means quick coffee.

They are quite inexpensive. Being inexpensive doesn’t always mean that you would have to compromise over taste and freshness of your coffee. They aren’t just capsules compatible Nespresso, they are refillable capsules as well. These capsules can be filled with any coffee and thus we won’t ever have to be the slave to someone’s taste. Filling capsules with coffee is quite easy with newer scoops recently added in the package. Simply by pushing thumb around the flange after sealing the metal cover of capsule make it reusable again. And rest of the process is all the same.

Why Coffee at all?

This all conversation is cool. But should we really drink coffee? If so, why? Let’s answer this once for all. Memorize following reasons so that next time someone asks you to stop drinking, you give him a shut up call.

Coffee is analgesic:

Two pots of coffee from cápsulas de Nespresso can reduce post-workout pain by 48%.

Clean Alternative for Cirrhosis:

Coffee helps in fighting against habitual alcoholism and thus serves safe substitute for boozers. Alcoholism results in severe damages to liver functions. Coffee stops us from being an alcoholic.

Protection against Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer:

Risks of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes reduce by 22% when 6 or more coffee cups are consumed a day. Besides, it keeps brain strong by decreasing the risks of Alzheimer. Alzheimer is a most common form of dementia which results in memory loss, brain Mal function and speech loss.

So, each buck spent on coffee leads to happy and healthy life.

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