Thursday, 17 January 2013

Modern Mechanical Man and Coffee

Monotonous, dull and drab routine has become ruling order in our modern life styles. Like gadgets, our routines too have become almost automated and controlled. From rising from our bed and leaving for office to returning home and lighting out sleeping room, everything in our life is terribly predictable. Apparently there is nothing sad with this life, but charms of life surely lose their luster in this life. I often get confused if it’s machines breathing and inhaling oxygen all around.

A Cup Of Coffee Makes Us Human Again:

Now, as never before, we need huge huge energy tanks to cope with all nudging and prodding duties and nothing can be more elevating than a sweet, tasteful and aromatic coffee. Life literally becomes exciting as soon as coffee gushes into veins and reaches out mental chambers, increasing out levels of efficiency and alertness. But getting such a life-driven coffee drink is yet another challenge among others, especially for those whose jobs don’t release them to step out of their office crannies and computer bound tables.

‘Necessity is mother of invention’. Regardless of our jobs and responsibilities, we all share same depression when are faced with decreased energy bars. It’s time to have coffee capsules around and make our own energy drink. Among many other good things about coffee capsules, best thing is their inherent packaging which keeps all coffee content fresh and alive inside. Besides, these coffee capsules can be used with any custom coffee blends, letting coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite tastes.

What Coffee Brand Suits Us?

Natively coffee is grown only in particular geographical belts and outside those narrow belts, growing coffee is quite difficult due to unfavorable climate and topography. Coffee generally is categorized broadly and brand-ly. Broadly generalizing, coffee can be categorized into two distinct groups, first Arabica and other Robusta. By brands, on the other hand, it can be punctuated under many a different titles, mainly Starbucks, Nescafe, Gloria Jean’s, Dunkin’ Donuts etc. But, frankly speaking, all these brands hang too heavy on pockets. Sipping them once in a week or even in a month may not hurt much, but for coffee obsessed folks, these brands entail enormous overhead. So, there must be reliable and economical alternative for these ‘costly java brands’ and that too in the form of coffee capsules so that making coffee out of them may remain joyful experience.

Here are glad tidings for those friends. Now we can buy coffee capsules that are as low in cost as 60% without even compromising any little thing in taste and aroma. Generally, in comparison to famous brands, we tend to underrate these low cost products. Though there is anecdotal data to justify this mental bend, but in case of Nespresso coffee capsules, we would be only be hurting our own opportunity as Nespresso Coffee has become the coffee of common masses, just like you and I. It’s taste and freshness is, without any second thoughts, equally enjoyable and delightful as that of other big names.

Interesting Coffee Tidbits:

Don’t laugh at our coffee obsession, God forbid, sometime you too are gonna become old and week. Greatly nourishing and healing beverage, coffee carries energy stimulants as strong as to make you powerful enough to rule the world, at the least yours. So, every time you are down and out, make sure you have sufficient Nespresso coffee with you. Life is enjoyable with it.

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