Thursday, 31 January 2013

Coffee – A Divine Gift or Satan’s Soup

It’s almost five hundred and one years since mesmerizing effects of coffee were first brought to scientific and literary circles and then to ones of religious finally. Regardless of its legitimacy among these circles, there is obvious appreciation for its irresistible taste and aroma with inherent power stimulating effects.Since then, there has been an ever going debate whether to conform its use or not. Almost all of us are now scientifically mindful to its both healing and crumbling effects on mind and body; let’s see what people our brethren say about coffee. Religiously caffeine is most controversial element of natural coffee ingredients and this is caffeine which infuses some kind of ‘mystical and enigmatic’ powers to a man.

Mormons and the Book of Wisdom:

In our contemporary times, Members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly referred as Mormons do not follow coffee and tea in their menu. The Book of Wisdom, revealed on James Smith and the one which Mormons follow, says, ‘And again, hot drinks are not for body or the belly’.

‘Hot Drinks’ has been widely interpreted as ‘warm drinks’ or ‘strong drinks’. Followed by their tauten belief in the book, Mormons consider ‘coffee and tea’ as hot drinks and thus avoid any kind of indulgence with them both. Mormons do not represent entire Christian religion. So, Christian all over the world not only drink coffee regularly but they do also love it. This is the reason why we have a lot of coffee shops in every nook and corner of the planet.

Jews and Coffee Culture:

As discussed above, coffee belongs to renaissance when the whole Europe was rising like phoenix from ashes. It was Jews merchants who brought coffee to revered fathers and powerful lords. Having said, coffee is largely favorite drink in Jewish culture ever since they met it.

Jews follow kosher food menu that tells which foods and drinks are clean and consumable. The only controversy spouted was in early 1600 when two rabbis found coffee with altogether different notions. In 1603, an Italian Rabbi Hezekiah da Silva was so much enchanted by coffee that he could not resist saying,’ One cannot attain presence of mind without the aid of coffee. On the other hand, Rabbi Judah LeibNardin of London put coffee in no kosher class, saying it to carry fat meat in it. Much academic discussions have now been conducted about coffee and rabbinic laws, and nothing religiously foul about coffee is found therein. In fact, like rabbis of 17th and 18th centuries, modern Jews do drink coffee for observing intense religious rituals. No wonder, coffee capsules have found much laud among them.

Moslem Sufis and Coffee Ecstasy:

Moslems were the first to find coffee, process it and register its stimulating effects. There are many legendary tales found in their literature relating to coffee and its inviting enchantments. Though ‘strong drinks’ are also prohibited in Islam but they do not drag coffee and tea into those ‘strong drinks’.

Historians tell that in early 1600, moslim scholars also started religious discourses regarding coffee and its religious legitimacy. Moslem Sufis of those times were excited about coffee intake as it turned out to be a magical potion making them ready for self-purgation. But, now there has been nothing controversial about coffee in their religion and Arabians are most addicted to their coffee cups.


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