Friday, 17 August 2012

How to host an amazing Barbecue party?

What can be more amazing and refreshing than arranging a Barbecue party under the sunlight with your friends and family? Who does not like to eat juicy and finger licking meat? Barbecue is one of the most delicious food mankind have ever discovered. And arranging a Barbecue party at your house is the best way to spend your holidays with your friends and family. But arranging a Barbecue party is more tricky than tasty. No matter how finger licking Barbecue you can cook and serve, your Barbecue arrangement still look incomplete if you won’t take care of every single detail which I am about to mention in this article.

Date, time and venue:

First thing first, select a date, time and venue for your Barbecue party. When deciding a date and time you have to check couple of things that whether people you are willing to invite are available or not. The best way to go about it is to invite your Barbecue on weekends, when everyone is free and preferably in day time when you can enjoy both sun and juicy meat. Another important thing is deciding a venue that best suits you. I would suggest that arrange your BBQ in open air, because it is going to get very smoky and you would never want to see your guests coughing more than eating. The best place to arrange an open air Barbecue are rooftops and backyards, where there is no traffic sounds and where there is no other disturbance involved.

Decide your menu:

Once you are done with these things now it’s time to decide that what will be on your barbecue menu. Your menu should totally relate to the people you are inviting but, few items that enlighten the spirit of barbecue are important. Your menu should include burgers, hot dogs, steaks and grilled chicken. But while you will be cooking these you need some appetizers to keep your guest busy while waiting for the meat to cook. Salads, pasta, fries, nuggets and tenders can be some good appetizers to have on your barbecue party. Now comes the time to have some beverages on your menu too. My suggestion in this regard would be to make a combination of both hot and cold beverages, because you may be having different types of people over. In cold beverages bring in soft drinks, beers, etc. And in hot drink coffee makes the best combination with meat. So to serve this purpose you can offer your guests some Nespresso coffee, or some Coffee Espresso according to the choice of your guests.

How to make it easy?

Now you might be thinking that arranging a barbecue is heck of a job. But whatever I am going to say now will ease the whole process. Firstly, do not bring in raw meat which you have to prepare all by yourself. Nowadays in market can easily find barbecue cut meat in a large variety. If you don’t want to hassle yourself then your appetizers should be ready to cook too. Another tip in this regard would be that do not try to make coffee with traditional way just bring in some coffee capsules and some Refillable Nespresso capsules and extract a single serve coffee in no time.

The Extras:

Apart from making your barbecue smooth and easy there are few things you can do to make your party happening. You can play some good music, (which obviously should not disturb your neighbors). And you can arrange nice looking cutlery, napkins, and sitting for your guests to make the environment look very catchy.

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