Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How to arrange a best vacation ever?

We have to admit that we normally spend a very boring, adventure less, and static routine. We work, we study, we sleep, and we get up. Where is fun in all of these activities? Nowhere! Most of us are normally so adventure less. And let me answer those who think that watching a movie in cinema on weekends is adventure. They think absolutely wrong. Because the real adventure is going to a vacation at a destination which you have never visited before. Real adventure is bringing you out of the cage of your tiresome routine and hit the road and going far away with your family and friends. Well, I do not want to sound like a travel agent but in this article I will be giving some very useful tips to all those bed bugs, and couch potatoes who do not have skills to arrange a memorable vacation.

Choose a scintillating destination:

First thing first decide your destination. And do not act as a frog in a box while choosing your vacation destination. Think of the places you have never visited before. Ask from your friends and family about different places, go on internet and look for places where you could have all the fun. Choose a destination which is beautiful, adventurous, quite far, and happening all at the same time. And then make plan with people or may be someone special whom company you would love to have around while on a go.

Pack your bags:

Before you hit the road make sure that you pack everything with you which you may need when you will be at some place far from your house. And this does not mean that you should just pack your clothes, shoes, and tooth brush. It means that you pack enough food, camping equipment (only if you are planning for camping), drinks, cameras and other important stuff which you may need while on the go. Mostly travelling is hectic and full of long drives, but this can become very charming, tasty and easy if you would just buy a Nespresso machine which is quite portable, Some Nespresso capsules and can fancy some Nespresso coffee on the go. These capsules come in very handy while you are traveling because they do not take any special expertise or time at all. Plus what can be more charming than having one of the best cups of coffee on a go.

Collect Memories:

Take a lot of pictures. Your vacation is as memorable and happening as your photos will be. Wherever you go try to take pictures of places, roads, anything special you see, and obviously of yourself and your loved ones.

Explore the place:

When you reach your destination, do not feel so tired, lazy and think that just touching this place is the end of your vacation. Go out explore the place, explore every single activity that is available there. Well, as a matter of fact planning is good but nothing is as fun as being spontaneous, so become spontaneous. Try to do things which you wish you could have when you were spending a caged life back home.

No strings attached:

And this is the most important among all while you are planning to have the fun of your life. Disconnect all the communication with your stressed life back home. Do not bring any sort of work activity along with you, and just spend time with your family or your loved one and have the pleasure of your vacation. Nothing more, nothing less. These are the few very easy and doable tips by which you can make your vacations memorable and amazing. But there is always some space available for extra thoughts and tips, and that space is called comments field.

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