Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What do you prefer, Coffee or Tea?

Coffee is becoming so much popular day by day that it seems that a time will come that there will no one to drink tea. Almost 80% of people in United States of America consume coffee daily. You can estimate the word coffee consumption and compare it with that of tea and you will find that people are nowadays preferring coffee over tea. Even in countries like China and India, where tea is largely consumed, the people are shifting towards coffee.

Is taste all that matters to you?

For some people, especially youngsters, the taste is all that matters. There are many teenagers who do not like the taste of tea and have the view that tea is the drink for elders. They think that coffee tastes better than tea and it has many different varieties. Do you use instant coffee powder for making coffee? If yes, then I think you are being cruel to your taste buds. Now you might be thinking, “If this is so then how can I make perfect coffee that taste real good?” What you can do is to buy a coffee making machine, preferably Nespresso and use Ne-Cap Nespresso refill capsules. You will know the difference of taste between the coffee made from instant coffee powder and that made in a coffee machine by using coffee capsules cup.

How about enjoying cold coffee this summer?

Many people have the habit to drink tea. They have this ‘something is missing’ feeling when they do not get a cup of tea daily. Even in hot summers, they cannot leave coffee. Whereas, youngsters are fonder of drinking chilled fizzy drinks and sodas in summers, as compared to the hot cup of tea. Many of them often wonder that why do the elders like to drink tea when the weather is warm and sunny. Why do not they drink ice-tea or cold coffee instead? They often ask themselves. The youth love drinking cold coffee made from coffee Capsules Compatible Nespresso with a rich ice cream on the top of the cup. Do you know that coffee capsules make scrupulous cold coffee? Yes, give it a try and you will forget all your traditional way of making coffee.

Are you a health conscious person?

Many health conscious people avoid drinking coffee and tea as they think that coffee and tea are not good for health. They go by the old opinion that says that coffee and tea causes dehydration and cardiovascular diseases. But according to a recent research, drinking coffee helps in reducing the risks of Parkinson's disease and liver cancer. This does not mean that you should become an addict to coffee. Moderate consumption of coffee is beneficial for our health. The caffeine helps is making you fresh and alert. It will make you do your work effectively.

Coffee is not expensive or time consuming drink. Is it?

Now days, making coffee by using coffee capsules cup has made it easy to make coffee. It takes a few seconds to get one’s favourite coffee flavour ready in front of one’s eyes. “The coffee capsules compatible Nespresso are expensive” – this what many people think about coffee made from coffee capsules? If you also hold the same opinion, then you are certainly mistaken. Ne Cap Nespresso refill capsules are not expensive as compared to the single-use coffee capsules available in the market. You can always refill the empty coffee capsules with any brand of grounded coffee beans. You do not have to buy numerous coffee capsules of different coffee flavours and varieties. This will definitely reduce your cost on coffee. You can re-use the Coffee capsules Compatible Nespresso as many times as you like.

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