Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Do you want to live longer?

Do you want to extend your life span? Do you wish to have a healthy long life so that you can see your grandchildren and their children? If your reply to the above questions is in affirmative then you have come on the right place. Here we will tell you how you can enjoy the taste of longevity by drinking coffee made from Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules!

From preserving bodies to search for the ‘Fountain of Youth’:

Human beings have longing to find the secret of longevity. Some did not want to die. The Egyptians mummified the Pharaohs to preserve their bodies, and buried their belongings thinking that they would be using them after the departure of their souls from this temporary world. Centuries ago, the waters on both sides of the Atlantic were believed to restore vitality and youth. In 1513, Ponce Leon – the famous Spanish explorer, discovered Florida, while he was searching for the ‘Fountain of Youth’, to cure his aging. According to some legends, drinking water from the Fountain of Youth would restore one’s youth and the person would have a long life. Even in the religious scriptures there are stories about such water. I can hear you ask, “How can I drink that water and remain young for the rest of my life?” No one knows for sure about the reality of this fountain. If there ever was such water then it might have been vanished by now. But there is no need to worry; we still a drink that can decrement your chances of dying young!

Can Medicines and Food supplements really reduce aging?

The scientists are researching for the secrets of longevity. There are many drugs and supplements that are being sold in the market for increasing the span of life and reduce aging. Albeit these medicines are often quite expensive, it is not yet confirmed whether these would work or not. If you are using anti-oxidant supplements, then you should discontinue them and start drinking coffee. Ne Cap coffee capsules makes perfect Coffee which is a rich source of anti oxidants. Now you must be confused, as this must be contrary to what your doctors have told your, right?

Drinking Coffee does not cause early death

Some doctors say that coffee is not good for one’s health. They think that coffee causes many diseases, including arrhythmia which can later lead to death. Due to this, many health conscious people have abandoned drinking coffee. I hope you are not among them!
 Unfortunately, people do not think or research what their doctors tell them. Numerous fallacies have been spreading since long. There are many foods items that are good for health but people avoid them just because of the rumours and hearsays. ‘Coffee is bad for health’ is one such food fallacy. So why not start a healthy living by drinking coffee regularly? Coffee made from Ne-cap Coffee capsules has a mesmerizing taste and is proven for health perks, energy jolt and refreshed mind. Believe me; people do not die from drinking coffee. Coffee consumers are less likely to end up in a coffin, from heart disease, respiratory problems, strokes, injuries and accidents, diabetes and infections. "It's interesting that coffee is more healthful than harmful," says Frank Hu, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Increase your life span Drink Coffee!

Drinking coffee can help you achieve longevity. Yes, this is true! According to a recent research conducted by Harvard researchers, drinking coffee, decaffeinated or regular, coffee can nudge one’s chances of dying young. The researchers study 400,000 people. It was found that drinking two cups of coffee on daily bases reduces the risk of liver cancer up to thirty per cent. Coffee also prevents Parkinson’s disease and gallstones. This means that drinking coffee not only gives your nose a good aroma therapy, but also treats your taste buds. But it makes your winters comfortable, enhances health and eventually increases your life span.

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