Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Having Guest abode? Surprise them with these Best Coffee serving Ideas!

Do you often start your day with a cup of coffee made from Coffee Capsules compatible Nespresso? I feel fresh and alert when I drink coffee early in the morning. Many people hold a news paper or their favourite magazine in front of their eyes while they drink coffee. But it takes all the enjoyment away! Coffee is not a drink that should only be gulped down into our mouth for the sake of keeping us awake, especially at Monday mornings, after a long weekend or at night during tough night shifts.

Are Coffee Capsules all that you need?

It is nice to have guests around, during weekends and on holidays, right? Many of us serve tea or coffee to our guests. Thanks to Nespresso coffee maker machine and Refillable Capsules compatible Nespresso that we can easily make coffee and even tea in a jiffy, no matter how many guests we have. But are coffee capsules enough. We surely need much other stuff to make the coffee time wonderful.

How to keep coffee Fresh?

Do you know what the best way of storing coffee is? It is recommended that we should always store or coffee grounds in a cool, dry, preferably in an air tight jar, and place it away from direct sunlight and heat to ensure freshness and excellent results.

 Serve Coffee with nice Presentation:

Presentation plays a vital part when it comes to serving coffee or any food to our guests. You can bake a nice chocolate or coffee flavoured cake to serve with your scrumptious coffee made from Ne-cap coffee capsules compatible Nespresso. Some people enjoy eating wafers, donuts and home baked cookies with coffee. So, whenever, you invite guests at coffee party, remember to serve them biscuits, cakes, and other eatables that usually goes with coffee and tea. This will not only make their visit to you dwelling joyous and worth-remembering but they will also marvel your presentation skills and love your even more your hospitality.

Decorate your coffee table?

Decorating a coffee table is as much important as making perfect coffee. It will show your guest how much you are pleased to have them at your place. They will feel honoured and visit you very often. Here are some decoration ideas that you can try:

  • You can either place a nice runner on the table or cover your coffee table with a beautiful table cloth. In case of a tray, place a nice tray mat on it that matches your coffee cups.
  • You can also decorate your coffee cups by making a bow or flower with ribbons on it. Some people make a nice bow on the handle. It makes the coffee cup more alluring.
  • Do not forget to place napkins or tissue papers on the coffee table or your tray.
  • Coasters should also be placed on the table or coffee serving tray so that your guests can use them, this will prevent your table and tray from the round coffee stains.
  • Placing a bunch of fresh flowers on the table or two or three nicely cut flower stems on the tray will look fantastic. Besides the flowers, scented candles also look awesome, especially during nights.

  • What to do with the left-over Coffee?

    We often end up with left over coffee. Most of us throw it away, wasting it. I used to do the same, but not any longer! Now, I pour all the left over coffee in an ice cube tray and put it in my freezer. If you don’t have ice cube tray then you can freeze the left over coffee in empty coffee capsules till you get an ice-cube tray. I use these coffee ice cubes in cold coffee drinks. It makes it a lot better ice coffee as compared to the watering ice cubes. Making cold coffee is so easy; simply add coffee ice cubes in a glass. Shake milk, cream, sugar and coffee and pour the mixture into the glass. It tastes scrumptious! Give it a try some day; I am sure you are also going to love it!

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